Muslimah Clothing

As a keen fashion enthusiast', I am glad and proud to see the expansion of Muslimah clothing line in today’s fashion industry. It is an unbelievable sight to uphold  top fashion names such as H&M and Dolce & Gabbana launched special collections for Muslim women. Indeed, the Islamic fashion is said to be one of the industry’s fastest growing sectors, estimated to be worth more than $327 billion by 2020


The rising trend of wearing laced fabrics bears a new level of sophistication with its timeless beauty just when you think lace is out of style. Either it is used as a feminine accent or it is being sported as an overall look, lace is ready to grace your wardrobe with some of its undisputed elegance especially for Eid Mubarak! Lace certainly boosts your femininity with its elegant look. It certainly gives a trendy yet beautiful look. 

Runway Look

These brand new Runway Look collections by one of the famous Malaysian designers, Jovian Mandagie, are stunning and must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe! These collections are for those girls who dare to be bold and stand out. Don't forget to grab it while stocks last!


Sequin is gaining popularity nowadays! These sophisticated new styles will work for every body shape while maintaining the modesty of every Muslimah. Now every woman can wear some sparkles with these ingenious new styles. There are plenty of simple but interesting Muslimah clothing styling tips that do not even cost you dimes and gold!